This is the Browser version of the original Zabulas Quest for Android, which can be downloaded from Google Play.

Play the first 6 levels of the game in your browser :)

★ Find the sensations of an old-fashioned platform game
★ You are Dan Morlen, a young adventurer and you travel the world in search of fabulous treasures.
★ Your first trip takes you to the quest for Zabulas mask.
Legends tell that this mask brings glory and wealth to the one who owns it ...
★ Walk around the temple of Zabulas, jumping and shooting with your magic bow at the strange creatures that populate it.
★ Avoid many traps, collect the treasures and come out winner of the temple!

★ Characteristics :
- A tribute to the platform games of the 90s
- Fast and easy to play
- 16 Handmade levels in Pixel Art style
- Beautiful atmospheric music
- A growing difficulty


Don't hesitate to support and encourage us ! :)


Q-D/A-D keys : Left-Right

Left click : Shoot

Space : Jump

Also available on


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I like your game a lot! I got through the demo version and wish I can play more but I'm sadly have an iPhone........

Hi jjpgames,

Thanks for your kind words!
Yes, sorry for Apple fans, but Apple claims $99 a year while Google asks $25 for all dev life.
For this small project, the choice was easy for us ;)
If we have a lot of requests we will think about it.